Silvester-Kurztrip: Ein unvergesslicher Jahreswechsel

Die Top 10 der Hotel-Schnäppchen in Europas Silvester-Hotspots

By , 18. Dezember 2013


No ideas where to celebrate the new year ?! We have selected 10 cities in Europe, where you can experience a special New Year’s Eve with extraordinary customs and impressive fireworks. From 28 Euro per person guests stay in the selected hotels. Whether it’s the grape meal in Madrid, a boat party in Oslo, or the New Year’s Eve in Rome – in these hotels, visitors sleep at bargain prices.

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Here are the ten selected hotels that have received good reviews from travelers, are very good value for money and are located in the European metropolises:

1. Sofia: Hotel Downtown

The capital of Bulgaria Sofia offers visitors a classic entertainment program in opera houses and theaters on New Year’s Eve. It is a New Year’s Eve tradition that children move from door to door, folding the back of the house with a butt. This should bring luck, success, health and wealth in the new year.

[caption id="attachment_7585" align="aligncenter" width="450"]sofiabynight The National Theater „Ivan Wasow“ at night.[/caption]

Hotel tip: Hotel Downtown

The Downtown boutique hotel is located in the center of Sofia, close to historical sights and the National Palace of Culture. The rooms have large beds that invite to cuddle.

Hotel bookable from 28 Euro per person and night in a double room incl. Breakfast via (31.12.2013-02.01.2014)

[caption id="attachment_7586" align="aligncenter" width="450"]hotel room downtown View into a room of the hotel Downtown.[/caption]

2. Krakow: Hotel Piast

In the old imperial city on the Vistula, guests can experience fireworks against a special backdrop. Youthful momentum and ancient flair meet here on each other. On the „Rynek“, the marketplace of Krakow, an open-air New Year’s Eve concert takes place. From 20 o’clock the Polish stars and starlets appear here.

[caption id="attachment_7587" align="aligncenter" width="459"]silvesterkrakau1 New Year’s Eve fireworks over Krakow.[/caption]

Hotel tip: Hotel Piast

Hotel Piast is located in a quiet residential area, about ten minutes from the city center. In the rooms, cozy wooden beds and red curtains add a touch of winter fun.

Hotel bookable from 32 Euro per person and night in a double room incl. Breakfast via (30.12.2013-02.01.2014)

[caption id="attachment_7588" align="aligncenter" width="450"]krakow room A room of the Hotel Piast.[/caption]

3. Riga: Hotel Dodo

In Riga, visitors to the future Capital of Culture 2014 celebrate the New Year. The old town with its medieval wooden architecture is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and therefore offers visitors a very special setting on New Year’s Eve. One of the most popular New Year’s customs is the serving of twelve dishes typical of each month, such as bacon-filled pies.  

[caption id="attachment_7589" align="aligncenter" width="450"]newyearriga The New Year in Riga.[/caption]

Hotel tip: Hotel Dodo

Hotel Dodo is just a 15-minute walk from Riga’s Old Town. In the rooms, dark wood tones, red curtains and walls create a romantic winter atmosphere. 

Hotel bookable from 35 Euro per person and night in a double room via (31.12.2013-02.01.2014)

[caption id="attachment_7590" align="aligncenter" width="450"]zimmerdodo View into a room of the hotel.[/caption]

4. Madrid: AC Hotel Cuzco

Every year, the great metropolis of Madrid attracts many visitors to celebrate the New Year. New Year’s Eve fiesta rises in the square Puerta del Sol. Here, the celebrants do not just bump into sparkling wine, but, as is customary at midnight, shove a bunch of grapes into their mouths for each of the last twelve seconds of the fading year.

[caption id="attachment_7591" align="aligncenter" width="450"]silvestermadrid1 New Year’s Eve in Madrid.[/caption]

Hotel tip: AC Hotel Cuzco

AC Hotel Cuzco is located on Paseo della Castellana, five minutes from the Real Madrid stadium. In the elegantly decorated rooms in black and white, a large bed stands out. The hotel also has a Turkish bath.

Hotel bookable from 36 Euro per person and night in a double room via trivago incl. 40 Euro hotel test award (30.12.2013-02.01.2014)

[caption id="attachment_7592" align="aligncenter" width="450"]SUITE The view of a hotel room of the AC Hotel Cuzco.[/caption]

5. Rotterdam: Holiday Inn Express Rotterdam – Central Station

In Rotterdam, the New Year begins with spectacular fireworks on the famous Erasmus Bridge over the Meuse. The light show is the largest in the Netherlands and is accompanied by music on the Boompjes promenade on the banks of the Maas. At 23:00, the countdown begins until midnight.

[caption id="attachment_7593" align="aligncenter" width="450"]newyearrotterdam New Year’s Eve fireworks over the Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam.[/caption]

Hotel tip: Holiday Inn Express Rotterdam – Central Station

The Holiday Inn Express Rotterdam – Central Station is located directly at the main train station. The dominant colors in the rooms blue and white – in carpeting, curtains and duvet – invite you to feel good. 

Hotel bookable from 39 Euro per person and night in a double room incl. Breakfast via (30.12.2013-02.01.2014)

[caption id="attachment_7594" align="aligncenter" width="450"]hieroom Look in one of the rooms of the hotel.[/caption]

6. Oslo: Hotel Anker

The Norwegian city of Oslo, with its idyllic location at the end of the Oslofjord, appeals to nature lovers for New Year’s Eve celebrations. About two-thirds of the urban area is covered by water and forest. The partygoers dance on ships at the port of Oslo into the new year.

[caption id="attachment_7595" align="aligncenter" width="300"]newyearoslo1 New Year’s Eve fireworks in Oslo.[/caption]

Hotel tip: Hotel Anker

Hotel Anker is located close to the main train station, just a 10-minute walk from the famous shopping street Karl Johans Gate. The rooms are decorated in black and gray and have plenty of natural light.

Hotel bookable from 42 Euro per person and night in a double room incl. Breakfast via (30.12.2013-02.01.2014)

[caption id="attachment_7596" align="aligncenter" width="452"]oslo room A room view of the hotel Anker.[/caption]

7. Zurich: Holiday Inn Zurich Fair

As the largest city in Switzerland, Zurich is a popular hotspot on New Year’s Eve. The New Year’s Eve magic takes place around Lake Zurich and is like a festival. At midnight, all city lights turn off and visitors turn their eyes to the huge fireworks over Lake Zurich, which is fired from ships and accompanied by music.

[caption id="attachment_7599" align="aligncenter" width="450"]zuerichsilvester1 New Year’s Eve fireworks in the sky of Zurich.[/caption]

Hotel tip: Hotel Holiday Inn Zurich-Messe

The Holiday Inn Zurich-Messe is located 15 minutes from the city center and five kilometers from Lake Zurich. The cozy rooms feature a wooden floor and a bright green wall.

Hotel bookable from 46 Euro per person and night in a double room via (31.12.2013-02.01.2014)

[caption id="attachment_7600" align="aligncenter" width="450"]zimmerz A room view of the hotel.[/caption]

8. Rome: Hotel Meliá Roma Aurelia Antica

„Buon capodanno“ visitors to the „eternal city“ Rome will often hear New Year’s Eve. The best views of the fireworks are from the Pinci hill. The crowds celebrate in Piazza del Poppolo and the Spanish Steps. On St. Peter’s Square, visitors listen to the Pope’s New Year’s Eve Mass.

[caption id="attachment_7601" align="aligncenter" width="450"]silvesterrom1 New Year’s Eve fireworks over the Vatican.[/caption]

Hotel tip: Hotel Meliá Roma Aurelia Antica

The Meliá Roma Aurelia Antica hotel is a few driving minutes from the Via Aurelia and the Vatican City. The rooms have a large window front and are lovingly decorated with colorful accessories.  

Hotel bookable from 54 Euro per person and night in a double room via Meliá.com (31.12.2013-01.01.2014)

[caption id="attachment_7602" align="aligncenter" width="450"]Melia_Roma_room View into a room of the Meliá Roma Aurelia Antica.[/caption]

9. Dublin: Double Tree Dublin – Burlington Road

The „Stadt an der Hürdenfurt“ in Ireland – Dublin – does not produce fireworks on New Year’s Eve, but does offer a wide range of cultural offerings. The starting point for the visitors is the cultural district Temple Bar. Here are the Irish pubs, where the travelers dance until the early morning hours to the music of the live folklore groups.

[caption id="attachment_7597" align="aligncenter" width="450"]winter dublin The „Monument of Light“ in Dublin at night.[/caption]

Hotel tip: Hotel Tree Dublin – Burlington Road

Double Tree Dublin – Burlington Road is located in the heart of Dublin, just five minutes from the city center and the famous Stephen’s Green and Grafton Streets. The rooms are very spacious and decorated in stylish gray and light wood tones. 

Hotel bookable from 65 Euro per person and night in a double room via (30.12.2013-02.01.2014)

[caption id="attachment_7598" align="aligncenter" width="450"]dublin room A room of the Hotel Tree Dublin – Burlington Road.[/caption]

10. Lisbon: Hotel Tiara Park Atlantic

In Lisbon, the big open-air party takes place on the Praca do Comercio on the Tagus River. Afterwards, travelers will move on to the nightlife district of Saldanha, to the traditional entertainment district of Bairro Alto with its many bars and restaurants, or to one of the large clubs on the banks of the Tagus.

[caption id="attachment_7603" align="aligncenter" width="450"]Lis0475_o The „Park of Nations“ at night.[/caption]

Hotel tip: Tiara Park Atlantic Lisboa

Tiara Park Atlantic Lisboa is a luxurious hotel located in the center of Lisbon. The rooms of the five-star hotel are designed in the style and colors of the elements air, fire, earth and water and create a harmonious atmosphere in the city bustle.

Hotel bookable from 66 Euro per person and night in a double room via (31.12.2014-01.01.2014)

[caption id="attachment_7604" align="aligncenter" width="450"]suite_tiara A room view of the Tiara Park Atlantic Lisboa.[/caption]